Crimping your cable lugs

Crimping your cable lugs

In addition to manufacturing battery cables yourself, it is also possible at DC Wiring to have your cable crimped by us. This is a daily occurrence in our workshop. Would you also like to have your battery cables custom pressed by us? That is how it works:

Having battery cables manufactured

You may send your cable-crimp configuration to our e-mail address: info@accunoord.nl. This may be done together with your shipping/billing information. What should that look like then? Below an example of a cable crimp request:

Good day Accu-Noord,

I would like to have the configuration below produced:
M8 - Battery cable 50mm2 Red 60CM - M10
Pin - Battery cable 25mm2 Black 70CM - NOTHING
M5 - Battery cable 16mm2 Orange 45CM - M12
Jan Jansen
Example street 21
Example city, NEWLAND
Phonenumber: 06-12345678
E-mailadres: janjansen@exampleadres.nl


The costs for customizing battery cables are the product costs that you see on the site. We also charge a surcharge of 2 euros including 21% VAT per part for each part that needs to be crimped on the cable.

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